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75 Awesome Workplace Wellness Program Ideas

Here's a rundown of some of the best company wellness ideas and perks for employers. Did we miss some? Feel free to leave suggestions in the comments!


1. Onsite yoga classes

Get your yoga flow on at the office and end up with focused, healthy employees. The Active Workplace can set it up.

2. Onsite Bootcamp classes

Get your employees fit with bodyweight exercises right at

3. Pilates

Pilates is a low impact muscle toning and lengthening program with a lot of core work. Perfect for shaping up your workforce.

4. Dance fitness

You’ve probably seen the zumba craze around. Why not perfect some dance moves while you are getting fit? Great for all ages, too.

5. Adventure race

Rally the troops and attack an adventure race together. Nothing builds teamwork like assaulting a rope wall or crawling under barbed wire together.

6. Morning stretch

Gather your peeps together and go through a quick morning stretch to get the blood flowing and get ready for the day.

7. Standing or walking meetings

Substantive work and exercise don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Take the meeting on the road – it might even be more efficient and dynamic.

8. Walking challenge

Encourage your employees to walk at least a mile a day and reward those who keep it up!

9. 5k run

Gather some folks together and sign up for a charity run or road race. You can even put together a couch to 5k program for them.

10. Build a workout room

You don’t need a huge facility to dedicate a space for people to workout it. An extra office, hallway or converted conference room can work fine.

11. Onsite fitness center

Of course if the will and means are there, a full fledged facility can really take your fitness program to the next level.

12. Spin classes

If you have the equipment or a bit of budget to spend, on-site spinning classes are a great way to get the blood pumping.

13. Onsite personal training

Getting a qualified personal trainer to offer his or her services on site could cost the company the company $0. The Active Workplace can hook it up.

14. Company field day

Take a day for outdoor games for adults. Compete in team or individually for bragging rights.

15. Standing desks

“Sitting is the new smoking” is the new popular refrain. Long workdays lead to prolonged sitting. Stand up for your employees’ health and productivity.

16. Bosu balls

A couple of inflatable exercise balls bouncing around the office provides a healthy way to work and work on your core at the same time.

17. Online fitness challenge

Get the competitive juices flowing with a fitness challenge using online workout videos or fitness tracking.

18. Subsidize fitness plans

Treat your people to customized fitness plans to help them meet their goals in an educated fashion.

19. Join a sports league

Put together a company softball, bowling, or even a water polo team and enter in a local league.

20. Barbell club

Powerlifting and olympic lifting - it’s not just for meatheads! Because some people are more into building explosive strength than joining a walking club.

21. Onsite fitness challenge

Combine physical fitness improvements with team-building and friendly competition to really ramp up the morale and excitement of being part of your workplace.

22. Invest in wearables

Fitbits, apple watches, samsung watches, they can all track your steps these days. Empower your people to keep moving by subsidizing the wearable of your choice.

23. Take the stairs!

Run a “stairs only” day or week - a bit easier if you don’t work in a high rise. Then again if you do, what a great workout!

24. Biggest loser challenge

Who can lose the most weight? Conduct weekly weigh-ins and reward employees for reaching their weight-loss goals.


25. Cooking class

Bring in a pro to teach some exciting healthy cooking recipes. A fun event with a tasty focus.

26. Healthy vending/kiosk snacks

Tired of working late with nothing but junk food to snack on? Check out Leanbox or SnackNation.

27. Onsite cold pressed coffee

It’s a great time for coffee snobs, your options for onsite coffee resources are nearly endless.

28. Water challenge

Dare your workers to get a full 8 glasses of water a day and reward those who follow through - highlighting an important but often overlooked health metric.

29. Nutrition talk and education

Bring in a dynamic speak to but together some tips an tricks on eating right.

30. Farmshare subscription

Fresh batches of veggies from your local farm shipped straight to your workplace - just divvy up the healthy haul.

31. Discounted meal delivery program