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What does "namaste" mean in yoga?

Namaste is a Sanskrit word that is commonly used as a greeting in India and Nepal. In the context of yoga, Namaste is a way of acknowledging the divine spark within oneself and others.

The word "Namaste" comes from two Sanskrit words: "namah" and "te." "Namah" means "bow" or "obeisance," and "te" means "to you." So, when someone says "Namaste," they are essentially saying "I bow to you."

In yoga, the gesture associated with the word Namaste is the Anjali Mudra, which is made by placing the palms of the hands together at the heart center and bowing the head slightly. This gesture is a way of expressing respect, gratitude, and humility towards oneself, others, and the universe.

Overall, Namaste is a word that represents the idea of interconnectedness, and recognizing the divine in oneself and others. It is a way of acknowledging the unity that underlies all of existence, and is a fundamental aspect of yoga philosophy and practice.

We look forward to seeing you in class. Namaste!

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