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Jessica Arber
Founder and CEO


Jessica Arber has spent her career sharing her love of fitness, and helping people improve their health and meet their goals. She founded The Active Workplace after seeing a demand for onsite fitness and wellness services, and it wasn't long before The Active Workplace starting spreading across the map, from Boston to Seattle.

Her clients have bonded over burpees and jump squats in conference rooms, experienced chaturanga flow under summer skies, and competed in adventure races together. They've competed in online fitness challenges and customized wellness programs. They've also found common ground and new lines of communication as executives sweat it out side by side with recent graduates.

In addition to corporate wellness services, Jessica has also spoken to groups about making healthy nutritional choices, and strategies for getting motivated in fitness and in life. She has produced her own workout videos, some of which are available on youtube.

She is a certified workplace wellness manager, personal trainer, Pilates instructor, and spinning instructor. She is also a member of the Massachusetts Workplace Wellness Council. Jessica is a graduate of the University of New Hampshire.

When she is not exploring the latest fitness trend or working on new ideas for The Active Workplace, you might find her off-roading on the beach at Crowes's Pasture on Cape Cod, or hanging with her daughter, son, husband and mischievous goldendoodle, Belle.

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