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TAW Virtual Instructor Spotlight: Katie Wason

Katie has been a runner and gym goer for years with little to no stretching. In 2004 she found Heated Power Yoga and enjoyed the new type of workout that involved a great sweat! Soon she realized that this practice was not only a new type of fitness she enjoyed, but was also helping her feel more comfortable in her body, helping her clear her mind, and making her less injury prone. Katie became a 200 hour Certified Yoga Teacher in 2008 and has been teaching a variety of classes since then. She's also gone on to complete other certifications since then. Watching her students grow in their health and fitness is the reason Katie’s passion for teaching evolved from teaching just yoga to other fitness classes as well.

Katie currently teaches weekly, hour long yoga and bootcamp classes for the TAW Live class program. You will be sure to get a great workout or stretch in her classes!! Each class will challenge you to get out of your comfort zone but Katie always provides modifications and alternative exercises/ stretches to accommodate every body and fitness journey.

Read more about Katie and why she decided to become a full time fitness instructor, why she doesn't believe in new years resolutions and learn about some of her favorite hobbies!

What inspired you to start teaching group exercise?

I started yoga teacher training in 2006 and fell in love. I had a very stressful corporate job and decided to make the plunge into teaching full time. Once I was teaching yoga I realized I wanted more, so I went and became certified in group fitness along with others over the years.

What are your favorite types of classes to teach and why?

My favorite type of class to teach is yoga, that's where I started and where my heart is. I love seeing people get the benefits physically and mentally.

What have you most enjoyed about teaching virtually?

I enjoy that it's easy to get to, going to my basement haha, and also an excuse to buy more fitness toys.

Tell us a little about yourself, outside of fitness.

Fitness is a big part of my life; I ski, run road races, play on a soccer team, and enjoy taking group fitness classes as well. My new hobby during the pandemic has been ordering from Amazon non-stop. Haha no seriously the pandemic gave me time to update our condo in NH as we moved there full time in the Fall and had many projects that needed to be done.