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"At our biotechnology companies, X-BODY Biosciences, X-Rx, and X-Chem Pharmaceuticals, we like to experiment.  One of our greatest discoveries outside of chemistry and biology labs was the inclusion in our week of an in-houseworkout program by The Active Workplace.  We have a 1-hour session twice a week, including 8 week long 'FitnessChallenges'.  This has been an enormous success.  We have very high participation, the workouts are fun and tailored for group size/people's levels, and we enjoy a 'little' competition with the Challenges.  In addition to setting a tone in the work setting for healthy lifestyles, an interesting consequence of the Active Workplace program has been improved communication, respect, and simply getting to know different people across all levels of the organizations.  The Active Workplace brings energy into the week, constant creativity in terms of the types of workouts planned for the day, and often a good burn in the legs."


Rick Wagner, Ph.D.


X-BODY, X-Rx, and X-Chem

“Before Tanuja started coming to our office every week, we had one person in the office who practiced yoga daily and now she has a following of at least 12 and that number is increasing! She is so sweet, patient and extremely knowledgeable about everything yoga. People in our office are healthier, happier and even starting to practice yoga together on days she isn’t here. Using Active Workplace for yoga classes is one of the best decisions we have ever made! Thank you Jess and Tanuja!”

Christina McGann

Office Manager

Silicon Laboratories Inc.


"2020 is also an on-site benefit provider, so we are completely onboard with The Active Workplace and their mission. We used The Active Workplace to bring on bootcamp and yoga classes for our employees, and the instructors for both were really high energy, upbeat, and geared the classes for both beginners and more advanced participants alike. In addition, Jess and her team are incredible to work with. We were short on space in our former space, and Jess personally came out to see what creative solutions we could come up with. I highly recommend The Active Workplace as a fun and easy way to improve the camaraderie, health and fitness amongst your employees."

Kaitlynn Pelio,

HR Talent Associate,

2020 On-site Optometry

"LaunchSquad offers yoga and bootcamp classes to employees weekly.  Beyond helping each employee achieve their own health goals, bootcamp classes have provided an extra opportunity for bonding outside of the office. Whether we’re cheering each other on in a relay race or commiserating in seemingly endless intervals of burpees, we’re all doing it together.


Additionally, yoga has been an amazing destresser at the end of the work day. No matter how much we have going on at work, The Active Workplace’s yoga classes remind us how important it is to take time to care for ourselves."

Karlie Frank

Account Associate


"Over the last few years I have been a regular at  Jess'  on-site fitness classes at my workplace.  I like the variety of workouts she offers.  It is not just Jess' knowledge of fitness and wellness that I like, it is also her demeanor.  She is kind, supportive, and has the right spirit as trainer/instructor.  I feel as though I can reach out to her anytime I need to.  She always listens and has feedback for improvement and I value her knowledge.   She is truly interested in my success and in the success of everyone in her class.  


"I believe that exercise impacts not only our body; but, our mind as well.  I can be assured that each time I attend Jess' class, I release energy that will then make me more productive and put me in a better mood.  I always feel better after class!  She has helped our employees with their fitness, wellness and work productivity.    Jess has a lot to offer any organization willing to implement and offer workout programs to employees.  She is a benefit to all of us!"


Gabriella La Monica

Principal Training and Development Consultant

Raytheon BBN Technologies


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