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Live Streamed Fitness, Yoga & Meditation Classes for Employees

Corporate Fitness and Wellness Instructors For Workplace Wellness Initiatives

Want to learn more? Call us anytime: 1 (508) 306-1852

The Active Workplace specializes in providing the best fitness and wellness instructors for LIVE streamed sessions and is experienced with working with employers in providing wellness services for employees.

TAW LIVE Fitness/Wellness Program

LIVE streamed classes are now offered via Zoom and Microsoft Teams.  The program allows all employees from your companies office as well as remote workers access to our LIVE videos and recorded live classes.

Weekly yoga, meditation, barre, pilates, cardio conditioning, bootcamp, Karate classes, wellness webinars and more are included in this program!  

Private Virtual Fitness/Wellness Classes

Schedule a day and time for employees from your company to enjoy a fitness class or health/wellness webinar together!  Companies have the option of allowing audio and video from participating employees during sessions for more of an interactive experience.



TAW LIVE Testimonials

“The employees really look forward to the classes  : )” 

“Thank you so much for allowing us to view other classes, too.  I found I really like Barre!”  

“Wednesday's Boot Camp with Katie is a killer ;) Need to try Yoga too."

“Thank you so much everyone is loving all of your virtual classes so much this has been wonderful for everyone and we really appreciate it”

"The Civetta team (plus families and curious pets) seemed to really enjoy yoga today! Thanks very much for enabling these classes!"

How can we help you?


Meditation helps to relieve tiredness and stress. Happy employees are efficient employees!


A rejuvenated mind is more productive. Employees will be refreshed and ready to finish the week off strong.


Yoga and fitness can improve employee health by boosting circulation and strengthening the immune system. 

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