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Yoga at Work

Corporate Yoga Instructors For Workplace Wellness Initiatives

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The Active Workplace specializes in providing the best yoga instructors for onsite instruction and is experienced with working with employers to provide yoga classes for employees.


With our online scheduling software and customized web portal, participants will be able to check the latest schedules and sign up for class from their phones. We can also provide a variety of wellness programming, from yoga classes to zumba or fitness classes, all with one point of contact for your convenience.


Our flexible pricing model enables us to work within a variety of budgets. If you are interested, contact us for corporate yoga prices.

Some of our Happy Customers

How can we help you?


In-office yoga helps to relieve tiredness and stress. Happy employees are efficient employees!


A rejuvenated mind is more productive. Employees will be refreshed and ready to finish the week off strong.


Yoga can improve employee health by boosting circulation and strengthening the immune system. Office perks make employees excited to go to work.


"2020 is also an on-site benefit provider, so we are completely on board with The Active Workplace and their mission. We used The Active Workplace to bring on boot camp and yoga classes for our employees, and the instructors for both were really high energy, upbeat, and geared the classes for both beginners and more advanced participants alike. In addition, Jess and her team are incredible to work with. We were short on space in our former space, and Jess personally came out to see what creative solutions we could come up with. I highly recommend The Active Workplace as a fun and easy way to improve the camaraderie, health, and fitness amongst your employees."

“Before Tanuja started coming to our office every week, we had one person in the office who practiced yoga daily and now she has a following of at least 12 and that number is increasing! She is so sweet, patient and extremely knowledgeable about everything yoga. People in our office are healthier, happier and even starting to practice yoga together on days she isn’t here. Using Active Workplace for yoga classes is one of the best decisions we have ever made! Thank you Jess and Tanuja!”

"LaunchSquad offers yoga and bootcamp classes to employees weekly.  Beyond helping each employee achieve their own health goals, bootcamp classes have provided an extra opportunity for bonding outside of the office. Whether we’re cheering each other on in a relay race or commiserating in seemingly endless intervals of burpees, we’re all doing it together.


Additionally, yoga has been an amazing destresser at the end of the work day. No matter how much we have going on at work, The Active Workplace’s yoga classes remind us how important it is to take time to care for ourselves."

Let’s get Started

Have questions? Call us anytime: 1 (774) 487-0222

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Corporate Yoga FAQs


What is the price to provide onsite yoga classes at my office?

Prices vary by location and class frequency, and we serve the entire USA. So contact us for a quote!

Can you provide a yoga instructor for my event?

Yes! Give us a holler!

How many people can you accommodate?


You are limited only by the size of your location. Think of the size of a yoga mat, plus a few inches of breathing room on each side. How many yoga mats could you fit in your venue?  


What should participants wear?


Comfortable clothing that they can move around in.

How much space do I need to offer corporate yoga?


It really depends on how many people are taking the class. We’ve worked in conference rooms, offices, hallways, outside on the grass (weather permitting), beautiful roof decks, and office gyms.


Do you provide mats?


The Active Workplace LLC does not rent out mats. We’ve found that participants actually prefer to bring their own. We can help you order some extra to have on stand-by if you like.


Can we have our employees pay for the classes?

Yes! We can facilitate employee payments through our online payment platform. (We’d need a minimum number of employees all paid up beforehand to hold class. Or your company can guarantee a minimum payment per class.)


How long are the classes?


We are flexible on class duration! Contact us to discuss.

Do you teach desk yoga or seated yoga for employers?


Yes! We have instructors who specialize in yoga at the desk. We also offer meditation, which can be performed while seated.

Can you help me with other wellness initiatives and employee perks?

Yes! We offer massage, fitness classes, bootcamp, zumba, meditation, seminars, and wellness challenges. If we don’t offer it, odds are we can refer you to someone who does. We love to brainstorm so feel free to give us a call!


What are the benefits of holding a yoga class onsite for employees?

Yoga is a great way for employees to de-stress, and center themselves so they can focus. Being mindful about health and wellness can help reduce absenteeism and health costs. Offering corporate yoga is a great way for the company and leadership to show that they care about employees and corporate culture.

I’m a property manager looking to provide yoga classes for my building. Can you help me?

Yes! We work with property managers all the time. Contact us!

Yes! We work with property managers all the time. Contact us!

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