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Wellness Challenges and Corporate Team Building

The Active Workplace Provides:
  • Onsite team-building activities
  • Onsite fitness and wellness competitions and challenges
  • Custom online fitness and wellness challenges

Check out the onsite fitness challenge in action!

Onsite Wellness Challenge

The Onsite Wellness Challenge is a team based, multi-week competition designed to encourage a healthy lifestyle. The Challenge combines fitness, nutrition, with a little friendly competition & camaraderie! 

We engage both the mind and body to keep participants motivated throughout the program.  

The Onsite Wellness Challenge includes:


  • Weekly on-site team based challenges (for example relay races, burpee trivia, jump rope contest) 

  • Weekly nutrition challenges

  • Customized webpage including updated team and/or individual rankings, progress report submission, weekly nutrition challenge information, team pictures and more!

  • Awards ceremony at the end of the challenge to present Certificates of completion and REWARDS



Racking up the POINTS!


The point systems are customized for each client and may include:


  • Points for successfully completing outlined weekly steps towards an ultimate goal at the end of the challenge:

    • For example, participants can choose a goal of "Run a 5K Race." Participants would follow our Couch to 5K program and earn points each week for completing outlined plan. 

  • Points for attending on-site fitness classes

  • Points for participating (or winning!) on-site team challenges

  • Completing at least 30-min of exercise per day (Sports, walking, running, biking)

  • Meeting step and movement goals with your favorite activity tracker

  • Achieving nutrition tracking goals

Short on floorspace? 


Here at the Active Workplace, we believe that the best wellness programs are the ones that keep people energized and engaged. We design our challenges to focus on engagement first, which we believe leads to better outcomes.

Increase productivity.

Improve health.

Make employees happy. 


Each organization is unique. That's why we customize your challenge to fit your organization and your goals. 


We make it easy to set up by doing all the leg-work and tallying up the standings. Your entire workforce can participate, regardless of their location.  

"Tell me more! How does it work?" 

Participants earn points for completing wellness-related goals. Each week has a different set of goals. Use our pre-set goals or come up with your own:

You can also include the option to earn extra points for completing a daily 12 minute workout.


These short, yet effective workouts require minimal equipment make it perfect to stay on track whether your employees are working out in a gym, at home or traveling.

We put together a 100% customized, online portal where you can check the standings and view reports.


It's mobile-friendly, so you can check it on the go. 

And yes, we can incorporate your favorite activity trackers like Fitbit or Apple watches. 

Click below to get in touch!

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