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Maintaining Your Motivation To Stay Active With 5 Simple Steps

It’s been approximately 70-something days (but honeslty, who can keep track at this point..?) since the stay-home-order has gone into effect and we’ve been forced to live every aspect of our lives within the confines of our home. Motivation we once had to keep up with up our regular workout routine might be starting to slip away or maybe we always had a tough time finding the motivation in the first place. If you’ve been having trouble getting motivated to workout recently, these 5 tips below will help you to stay on track with your exercise routine!

Set up a schedule and stick to it.

It’s important to have a consistent workout schedule. The more consistent you are, the easier it becomes day-to-day. Sooner or later it will become a habit, like brushing your teeth. Figure out which days and times during the week work best for you. Are you a morning person who loves to get up before your workday starts to get in a good sweat? Or does a run on your lunch break work better for you? Whatever schedule works for you, do your best to stick to it. Remember, it's the quality of the workout that matters, not the quantity. You can complete an awesome workout in 20 minutes if that’s all the time you have!

Switch it up!

Exercise variability, or the ability to perform a wide range of exercises, not only prevents boredom and mental fatigue from repeating the same exercises/ workouts everyday but it also delays reaching a plateau in performance and training results, if that is a goal of yours. If you find yourself repeating the same exercises everyday and lacking inspiration, join a fitness class taught by a different instructor or join a Barre class if you're used to doing circuit training. You will learn new exercises and new ways to challenge your body you didn’t know were possible! If resistance training is your main form of exercise, mix in some walking/ jogging for cardio benefits. Go for a hike, take a yoga class, participate in virtual 5Ks and exercise challenges. Get creative with your workouts and exercises. The possibilities for movement are truly endless.

Turn up the beat!

Listening to upbeat music can help motivate you to workout as well as pushes you to work harder during your workout. There is a direct connection between motor and auditory neurons which means, when you’re listening to music, your motor system is more engaged. Music distracts you from physical fatigue, especially during low intensity exercise and improves motor coordination resulting in improved self-esteem and an increase in positive feelings associated with exercise. Turn on your favorite beats, turn up the volume and get moving!

Invite friends to workout with or choose a live streamed class.

Working out alone can be tough sometimes. On those days when we need a little external push, it’s helpful to workout with a buddy. Invite a friend to workout with you over Zoom or at the park (remembering to keep 6-feet apart). A friend can help hold you accountable if you’re finding yourself falling into a lack-of-motivation trap. Another option is to workout to a live streamed fitness class online. When you know your favorite classes will be live only, it gives you that extra burst of motivation to make sure you don’t miss it! The live experience is a special experience as compared to a recorded class because you really are working out with the instructor in that moment. The Active Workplace offers live streamed fitness classes 5 days a week and virtual personal training! Click here to learn more!

Find a workout that’s fun for YOU!

The fitness program that works for your best friend might not be something that works for you. Choose classes YOU enjoy! Choose physical activities that YOU find fun! If you're enjoying yourself, you look forward to your next workout. Exercise is not meant to feel like a chore. Set a goal and work towards it everyday, celebrate your small and large victories, and reward yourself. Regular exercise is so important for our health and longevity and we should be having fun while doing it!

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