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Tuesday Trainer Spotlight: Krista Schepanovsky

First Tuesday Trainer Spotlight of 2019! Today we are spotlighting an amazing and passionate Boston-based yoga instructor, Krista!

Krista has been practicing yoga for over ten years. She is a long time member of the Boston Triathlon Team and has completed many Ironman distance races in the U.S and Canada and is the first female winner of the Adirondack Ultracycling Cup in 2013. She also twice qualified for the Boston Marathon and on a dare started running ultras, and ran many fifty and hundred mile races. A disc injury made her revisit yoga more intensively and she believes that yoga is an amazing way to keep everything moving in a healthy way – both in mind and body. Her teaching style is light and accessible to all as she believes that “yoga can be anything you want it to be.” Krista still runs, participates in bike races and sprint triathlons but now spends more time practicing yoga and is very enthusiastic to share this with everyone.

  • What inspires you to teach fitness or yoga and how did you get started?

I used to do a lot of distance running and triathlon and kept hearing that I 'should' do yoga and had no idea where to begin. Also I was a crazy mileage junkie and honestly, yoga seemed 'boring' to me. So I finally went to a class but of course I had to run 7 miles there as I thought it would be 'easy' and was I wrong! It was challenging mentally and physically in ways I did not expect and was so amazed that I knew at that moment in my first class ever that some day I was going to teach this magic. I love how really there is a type of yoga for everyone.

  • Favorite Healthy Snack?

Roasted anything - but especially cauliflower, broccoli, chickpeas.

  • Favorite “treat yo-self” Snack?

Is wine a snack? : ) And ice cream.

  • What are your interests and passion when not teaching fitness/yoga?

Love to travel and love animals - 2 dogs and a cat with no tail that I brought back from Nicaragua after teaching yoga there a month. Also I enjoy cooking and experimenting with gluten free baking as I have celiac.

  • What are your hopes for your class participants?

My wish is that during class students get the day's computer, phone and screen time out of their bodies, and that they spend an hour or so not thinking about what's for dinner, what they have to do tomorrow, etc and spend some time just being in that moment and moving around in a fun way that will add balance and health to their lives. I also enjoy sharing that fun feeling of being like a kid again when you try something new you didn't think you could ever do.

  • What is unique or special about teaching in a workplace environment?

It's really special to step into a group that already has a sense of community and camaraderie.