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Tuesday Trainer Spotlight: Jill Rodgers

Happy Tuesday! Today's trainer spotlight is featuring one of our Boston yoga instructors, Jill Rodgers! She strongly believes yoga can benefit anyone and everyone and loves to create sequences that are accessible to all levels in the workplace! To learn more about her, read on below and give her a follow on Instagram: @somerjill

Thanks for being a part of our team, Jill!

What inspires you to teach yoga and/or fitness and how did you get started?

  • I believe that yoga can benefit everyone and every body. I'm drawn to the precision and attention required for a yoga practice―that mindfulness on the breath and body, and the present moment, allow me to put the rest of my day aside for a little while. I took a few yoga classes in college, but became a regular practitioner sometime after graduating, when I realized yoga's particular combination of balance, flexibility, and strength building made it the right fit for me.​

Favorite healthy snack?

  • Crisp apple and peanut butter!​

Favorite "treat yo-self" snack?

  • A fudgy, deeply chocolatey brownie!

What are your interests and/or passions when not teaching fitness/yoga?

  • I love to travel, to read, and I love anything and everything to do with food. Dining, cooking, baking, and feeding loved ones makes me so happy.​

What are your hopes for your class participants?

  • It brings much such joy to see students grow in their practice. I love when a student tells me they "finally" figured out how a pose is supposed to feel in their own body, or they figured out how to float that one arm balance, or even that they just feel better after class. Yoga looks and feels different everyday, and I love knowing that students can notice and appreciate the experience of their practice as it's happening.​

What is unique or special about teaching in a workplace environment?

  • Ability levels vary wildly in a workplace setting, so my challenge as a teacher is to create sequences that are accessible to everyone, but still allow for experienced practitioners to explore postures more fully. ​

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