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Our most popular fitness class workout!

The following workout is guaranteed to your heart rate pumping, muscles fatigued and competitive spirt high! It is a blast to do with a large group who break up into teams of two to try to complete it the fastest! Here's how it works.

One team member is running on a treadmill while the other is on the floor doing the following body weight exercises:

*Jumping jacks



*Knee pull-ins

*Squat jumps/squats

During the first round, 10 reps of each exercise is to be completed. The second round 9 reps, third, 8....3,2,1 (you get the picture!).

When the team member on the floor has completed all of their exercises and reps in the first round (10) they then switch exercises with their partner. The person on the treadmill is now on the floor doing the same exercises and reps and the person that was on the floor is now running on the treadmill. Once they have both completed the reps on the floor they are onto the next round, where they each have to complete 9 reps of each exercise on the floor and so on.

As you get further into the workout, the number of reps AND time on the treadmill decreases so you'll always be looking forward to the next round!

*Make sure to be SUPER careful when hopping on and off a running treadmill. If you don't feel comfortable getting on while it's running, then stop the treadmill completely first.

Enjoy! : )

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