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10 Exercises That Will Improve Your Posture, Strength, and Stability

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

It is without a doubt that we have become much more sedentary over the last few months. We’re walking less, we've had to figure out a new workout schedule and we're finding it challenging to find ways to fit exercise into our day. Just by incorporating a little bit of movement throughout your day, you'll start to see big improvements to your body and mood. Check out these simple exercises that you can practice with minimal space, utilizing only your body weight! Take a few minutes to complete these exercises throughout the week and you’ll see significant improvements in your posture, strength, stability, and overall wellbeing!

Complete 2-3 sets for 10 repetitions of each exercise, 2-5 days a week. This recommendation can be modified to best fit your personal goals and schedule.

Standing Arm Slides

  • Engage the core and keep the ribs down

  • Stand with your feet about hip distance apart with a slight bend in the knee

  • Keep the shoulder blades engaged throughout the whole exercise

Scapula Squeezes - T Arms

  • Engage the core and keep the ribs down to prevent the head and neck from moving too far forward

  • Squeeze the shoulder blades together while being mindful to keep the shoulders away from the ears

External Rotation

  • Keep the core engaged and the ribs down

  • Keep the elbows as close to the ribcage as possible throughout the whole movement

  • Roll the shoulders back and down and engage the scapulas

Fire Hydrants

  • Engage the core, squeeze the glute and keep the foot flexed

  • Keep the shoulders aligned over the wrists

  • Repeat on both sides

High Plank w/ Alternating Single Arm Row

  • Engage the core to prevent rocking of the hips and keep the ribs down

  • Keep your feet wide for more stability (the closer the feet are to each other the more challenging the exercise and the harder your core has to work)

  • Engage the scapula and bring the hand back towards the hip (as if you were to put something into your back pocket)

Glute Bridge

  • Keep the knees aligned with the ankles

  • Engage the core, activate the glutes and push up from your heels using the power from your glutes

  • Keep your head relaxed on the floor and shoulder blades back and down away from the ears

Dead Bug

  • Engage the core and keep the ribs down to prevent an arch in the lower back as you lower opposite arm and leg

  • Keep the feet flexed throughout the entire exercise

  • Move through the exercise slowly and controlled

Single Leg Sit to Stand

  • Engage the core throughout the whole movement and be mindful to keep the knee aligned over the ankle

  • Press into the heel as you push up to stand

  • Modification - Place the extended leg's heel on the floor for support

Supermans w/ Overhead Row

  • Engage the core, activate the glutes and lift the upper body off the floor while keeping your head in a neutral postion

  • Keep the shoulder blades and upper back engaged until you lower down to the floor

Hip Hinge w/ Arm Extension

  • Hinge at the hips, pushing the glutes backwards until you find a nice hamstring stretch

  • Pause in the hinge position as you raise your arms above your head, keeping your shoulder blades engaged

  • The head should stay aligned with the spine throughout the entire exercise

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