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Choose your own goal

Nutrition Challenges:

Class Schedule & Challenge Events

Please complete the steps below by Friday, April 28th.  

Step 3: Choose Your Goal & Team Name  Click here to see examples!

Each participant must choose a goal and outline the steps they will take to work towards or achieve the goal by the end of the eight week challenge.  The form below must be submitted by Friday, April 28th and approved by your trainer before the kickoff on Tuesday, May 2nd.  It should be challenging, yet attainable.  Feel free to use one of the examples or come up with your own!  You will receive points on a weekly basis for completing the steps that you outlined in order to reach your goal. 

Step 4: *Optional* Click here to print a progress report.

Electronic progress report forms will be available to submit through this page once the challenge gets going.  You may however, find it helpful to print a form to help you keep track of your points throughout the week.  

Personal Training

*We are also offering personal training services to employees in the building gym.  A one hour session will cost $65.  Ten, one hour session packages are $600.  Please email for more information and to schedule a session on-site with Kirstie.

Questions or Suggestions?  We would love to hear from you!

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