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The Post Wellness

Yoga Class

The Active Workplace is excited to partner with The Post to offer its tenants on-site yoga and fitness classes and massage events!

To view, edit, or cancel classes or appointments on your schedule:

Select "My Account" on the top right corner of the calendars below and login

Class Schedule & Events

Classes will meet in the courtyard as long as weather permits. Otherwise, classes will be held inside the basketball court area.

Sign up for a 15 min massage!

Massage appointments will be held in the basketball court in the amenities center.

Meet Your On-Site Instructors

Freddie Duquet Headshot.jpeg


Freddie's first experience with yoga and meditation was in high school, and for years he practiced only here and there. However, in 2015, when college was getting stressful, he found a regular yoga practice that helped him immensely. After completing his 200-hr yoga teacher training a few years later, he began teaching right away, ready to share all that he found helpful in his own life. His love for teaching has only grown over the years. Freddie is dedicated to helping others find wellbeing and peace through movement and mindfulness.



Questions or Suggestions?  We would love to hear from you!

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