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Motion Fitness Center

The Active Workplace is excited to have partnered with Morgan Lewis to offer employees on-site fitness classes, wellness events and personal training! 

Below are the membership tiers available for all Morgan Lewis personnel interested in using the gym or participating in classes.

  • Tier 1: Access to the weights, machines, locker room, towel service: $15/month

  • Tier 2: Access to the above and to drop-in to a class: $12/class

  • Tier 3: Access to all of the above plus unlimited classes (based on availability): $40/month

To sign up for a class, please see the schedule below and click the "register" button to sign up for the class you would like to attend! 

We will be waiving fees for all classes through January 2023. In February we will go back to the three tier program described below. To waive the fee when registering for classes, use promo code: tryitout22


**All classes are included for Morgan Lewis personnel with a Tier 3 membership. If you are a Tier 3 member, please use the membership code provided to you to waive the $12 class fee. If you are not a Tier 3 member, classes are $12 each, payable to the Active Workplace prior to the start of the class.  

All individuals wishing to participate in a class must sign up prior to the start of class!


Please be advised!

The Active Workplace will not issue refunds if:

  • You are a Tier 3 member and forgot to put in the discount code.

  • If you paid for a class and did not show up.

  • If you forgot to put in a code and paid for class.


Please contact Marilyn Vazquez at or (415)234-1795 if you have any questions or concerns about membership to the gym or the group fitness classes!

Class Schedule & Events

Meet Your On-Site Instructors

vania chan-06.jpg


Vania is a Stott certified pilates instructor and acrobat. Her energy, imagination, tenacity, and hyper-mobility are what made her successful in the circus arts. She got into pilates as a very injured acrobat who reached a crossroads of giving up circus life or rehabilitating to be able to train and perform again. While it may seem counterintuitive, Vania struggled enormously with pilates because it concerns exactly what she's not naturally good at: stability, coordination, proprioception, and dialing into deeper awareness and vulnerability. In her experience, dedicating time to learn weaker pathways made her practice and daily life much more dimensional and deep. While there is redundancy in the body, Vania believes we are most successful if these pathways can work together as a symphony to prevent overuse of one-- which leads to burnout and injury. Additionally, pilates brought out the underbelly of Vania's personality to balance out her dominant personality traits-- concentration and a love for details. However, having struggled so much with learning pilates, Vania has the experience to support others who are not naturals and having the trust that things will come together. To her, acrobatics is like eating a delicious meal and pilates is like flossing so your teeth don’t rot.





Patricia McCallum specializes in instructing precise group/ individualized workouts for both women and men of all shapes, sizes, and physiques. Creatively structured routines, to target specific body parts. My goal  is to help each member build their own routines and habits that are perfect for his or her life.





Kaitlyn McDonough is an experienced health and wellness coach who has been in the industry for over 8+ years. She is an athletic trainer for Reebok at their headquarters in Boston, MA. Kaitlyn obtained her personal trainer, life coaching, and nutrition specialist certifications from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, (NASM) and is also a certified yoga, barre, and spin instructor.



Questions or Suggestions?  We would love to hear from you!

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