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Workplace Wellness Benefits


There are many benefits to an effective workplace wellness program: 

Help participants reach their health and fitness goals.


We believe that a fun, engaging atmosphere is best for encouraging participation and improvement in peoples lives and that's what we aim to provide.  We'll help you design, implement and promote a program catered to the needs of your organization, choosing from a range of services including fitness classes, nutrition workshops, weight-loss programs, and specialized offerings such as yoga and spinning.

Increase productivity. 

Fitness classes and programs offered by The Active Workplace provide a convenient way for workers to re-energize midday.   They can go back to work feeling de-stressed, happier and more focused.  Research has shown that proper nutrition and adequate exercise has proven to allow the brain to function more efficiently. Researchers "have discovered that exercise appears to build a brain that resists physical shrinkage and enhance cognitive flexibility." Reynolds, G. (2012, April 22) "How Exercise Could Lead to a Better Brain," The New York Times.

Happier and healthier employees may also tend to take fewer sick days and be more engaged with work and the workplace community.  The human resources consulting group Tower Watson reported that “companies with the most effective Health and Productivity programs experienced superior human capital and financial outcomes: 11 percent higher revenue per employee, lower medical trends by 1.2 percentage points, 1.8 fewer days absent per employee and 28 percent higher shareholder returns. " Source: “The Health and Productivity Advantage,” National Business Group on Health/Towers Watson, 2009‐2010.

Encourage bonding and communication among employees.

Our fitness classes are interactive and engaging.  In addition to providing challenging, yet accessible fitness classes, The Active Workplace has designed team-based competitions that create a social atmosphere and foster team-building while helping participants learn to live healthier lifestyles.

Reduce Healthcare Costs.

Companies that use wellness programs effectively “are also more likely to have lower health care costs. . . fewer lost days due to disabilities and lower levels of turnover relative to their industry peers.”  Source: “The Health and Productivity Advantage,” National Business Group on Health/Towers Watson, 2009‐2010.  Studies have shown that wellness programs can reduce sick leave absenteeism by 28%, reduce healthcare costs by 26%, reduce workers’ compensation claims by 30%, and produce a $5.93‐to‐$1 savings‐to‐cost ratio. Chapman, L. S. (2003). Source: Meta‐evaluation of worksite health promotion economic return studies. The Art of Health Promotion, American Journal of Health Promotion.

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