2021 Spring Into Shape Fitness & Wellness Challenge

March 29th - April 25th 2021

We are in this together, but a little friendly competition never hurt either! 

Leaderboard!  Go Team!

*Leaderboard will be displayed after the first week of the challenge!*

5- Min Warm Up
12-Min Muscle Specific Workouts
Weekly Nutrition/Wellness Challenges
Report or Record Progress

Leaderboard participants, click the progress report buttons below at the end of each week to in with TAW and cash in on those hard earned points!

*Progress report buttons will become active at the end of each week.*

Non leaderboard participants​ We encourage you to keep track of your progress on your own!  It always feels good to check things off a list for extra motivation and accountability! Click here to print reports for your own use! : )

Screen Shot 2021-01-06 at 1.56.47 PM.png


Each 12-minute muscle specific workout completed:

Max 1 point per day and 5 points per week for this category.  No stacking multiple workouts on the same day for points.

30-min of exercise (does not include muscle specific 12-min workouts):

Max 1 point per day and 7 points per week for this category.  Includes any of our TAW live yoga, fitness, mindfulness/meditation sessions, recorded live classes OR exercise of your choice.

Weekly nutrition/wellness challenge: 

Max 1 point per day and 7 points per week for this category.

Questions or Suggestions?  We would love to hear from you!