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200 Cambridge Park Drive Wellness

Fitness Studio

The Active Workplace x 200 CPD are excited to offer tenants fitness, yoga, and meditation classes!


Classes are for ALL levels.


Classes will be switching to virtual only beginning Monday, October 23rd, 2023!

See below for more details.

To view, edit, or cancel classes or appointments on your schedule:

Select "My Account" on the top right corner of the calendars below and login

Class Schedule & Events

Meet Your On-Site Instructors



Love of people is Monika's motivation to guide the student’s journey of purpose, following one’s values of principles, methods of healing, and unity. In class, one will experience acceptance, joie de vivre, and authenticity of one born and raised in New Orleans would bring. 


Monika has been a student of yoga since 2006 and will be forever! Through the years, knowledgeable teachers have helped her learn how to adjust posture, helping her function normally with neck and back issues. She’s studied under master teachers such as Patricia Walden, Karen O'Brien, Tristan Binns, and Javis Chen, under whom she’s learned to teach a safely cued practice for all levels.


Workout with The Active Workplace at the gym, in your home, it's up to you!
Live classes are recorded and accessible on-demand 24/7
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