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TAW Virtual Instructor Spotlight: Chloé Mizuta

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Born and raised in France, Chloé moved to the US in her early twenties and

started her fitness journey as a Cardio Boxing instructor at the Women’s

Workout World in Chicago. In 2009 and three daughters later, Chloé took her first Barre class and immediately fell in love with movement exercises. A passion for the mind and

body connection in each exercise helped her gain body awareness, as well as a

strong and lean body.

In 2015, while living in Hong Kong, Chloé certified in the BarreAmped method

and also obtained her certification with Polestar Mat Pilates. A few months after moving back to Chicago in 2016, Chloé founded Barre Plus Studio and started to teach her Barre and Pilates classes in French. When Chloé and her family moved to Boston in 2019, Chloé decided to resume

teaching in both languages and is now working at different studio locations, as

well as offering classes online. When Chloé is not shaking at the Barre, she’s enjoying her time staying active with her loving family, friends and two dogs!

Chloé currently teaches Traditional Barre, Barre Cardio, Barre Tabata, Barre Fusion and the occasional Pilates class with The Active Workplace LLC!

Learn more about about what brings Chloé joy, her new years resolution and more fun facts below!

What inspired you to start teaching group exercise?

I started teaching group classes in my 20s when I became a Cardio-Boxing instructor at a woman-only gym in Chicago. It was so much fun! I took a break from teaching to have my 3 daughters and got back into it when I certified in Barre and Pilates in 2015.

What are your favorite types of classes to teach and why?

Barre is by far my favorite discipline to teach but I love to teach Pilates in a private session.

What have you most enjoyed about teaching virtually?

Teaching virtually has offered me a different (and maybe) deeper level of mindfulness. I have to be even more precise about my cues to make sure my clients are not only executing the exercises within good forms but that they are also connecting their mind to their body.

Tell us a little about yourself, outside of fitness.

I am French but I have now spent more years in the US than in France so last year, I finally decided to become an American citizen. Our family loves to travel and while living in Hong Kong for 6 years, we took advantage of being in South-East Asia to explore that part of the world. It was an eye-opening experience for all! We are looking forward to packing our suitcase again and discovering more beautiful places!

Fun Fact: I love to dress up

Any New Years resolutions or goals you're looking to accomplish this year?

I have a sweet tooth so I am trying to cut down on chocolate.

What advice would you give to someone trying to stay active during the pandemic?

Make time for yourself! Think about what makes you feel good and commit to it.

What are some self care practices that have helped you throughout the last year?

Whenever I feel stressed or down, I go for a long walk listening to my favorite playlist

What is something that brings you joy?


What are you most looking forward to post-pandemic?

Traveling again. I am hoping to go and visit my family in France this summer.

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