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Tuesday Trainer Spotlight: Rachel Henneck

It's Tuesday, and this week we are spotlighting one of our awesome Seattle instructors, Rachel Henneck!

Rachel is a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor who loves to teach athletic, functional fitness. She advocates a smart balance of hard work and self-care. She enjoys being able to focus on finding the right movement solutions for individuals one-on-one, and also loves the group energy that happens when individuals lose themselves in the experience of working hard with the support and camaraderie of others around them! Her approach varies, but is always programming a relevant, effective, safe, and fun workout for all!

Rachel has been teaching group fitness since 2006. In addition to her group fitness certification through ACE, she's also certified in LesMills Bodypump, TRX, Bodhi Suspension, Above the Barre, BodyShred, & many more! You can find her nerding out on movement and the human body. She's always craving to learn more!

  • What inspires you to teach fitness or yoga and how did you get started?

I grew up very self-conscious about lacking experience in sports and fitness, all the way up through college. I know how intimidating it was to finally start going to the gym, and what a revelation it was to feel so much better because I moved. It’s been over ten years since I became an instructor, and now I feel inspired by holding the space for people to challenge themselves and just feel better, whether they need a gritty athletic challenge, simply a place to move without feeling judged, or to learn how to take better care of themselves.

  • Favorite Healthy Snack?

Hard to pick - pears with almond butter, or Beeler’s bacon!

  • Favorite “treat yo-self” Snack?

Wine : )

  • What are your interests and passion when not teaching fitness/yoga?

Music, learning as much about the body as I can, backpacking, family, trashy reality television.

  • What are your hopes for your class participants?

I hope they receive something that makes them feel closer to their goals, and I hope they learn something more outside of that - I think that’s the recipe for feeling empowered!

  • What is unique or special about teaching in a workplace environment?

I appreciate knowing the class members a little better because they’re so consistent, and how relatively eager they are to get to know each other if they don’t already have a relationship at work. The willingness to engage is rare and special in Seattle!

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