Pike Motorworks Fitness

The Active Workplace is excited to have partnered with Pike Motorworks to offer its tenants on-site yoga and personal training! 


Give yourself some time to breathe, relax, gain strength and flexibility!  Join The Active Workplace instructors as they take you through a vinyasa flow on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays in the on-site gym.  These classes are for ALL levels.  Modifications will be provided for beginners as well as options for more advanced yogis.

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Class Schedule & Events

Use the app below to sign up for class!  Space is limited.

Meet Your Instructors

Elizabeth Krenke

Yoga Instructor

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Certified Health Coach

Elizabeth Krenke is a Certified Health Coach, Personal Trainer (NASM-CPT) and Yoga Teacher (RYT-200) offering public and private yoga classes throughout the Seattle area. Elizabeth is known for her energetic, engaging, and accessible teaching style rooted in the traditional Vinyasa flow method of Hatha yoga. It wasn’t until she experienced yoga’s benefits first hand in her daily life that Elizabeth took the leap to teach others how to get in on this hidden secret as well --- to move with balanced effort and ease while focusing on breath to realize one’s strength and true potential. She believes yoga is for everyone and has the incredible ability to heal one’s physical, mental and spiritual bodies. Her classes will leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed and ready to take on the world!

Helena Huizenga

Yoga Instructor

Helena's passion for yoga was ignited when she studied abroad in India during the Spring of 2014. She agreed to intense yoga classes 6 days a week at 7:00 am in the morning. At the time, she did not realize what a large impact yoga would have on her life for years to come. Since then, Helen'as love and passion for yoga has only grown. She has learned to appreciate all yoga styles and continued to further her practice by taking classes with various yoga teachers.

As a past collegiate athlete, Helena originally focused purely on the athletic-fit side of yoga. However, as her practice has evolved she came to really love the philosophy, grace, and positivity that stems from yoga. She continues to delve into the ways that yoga is not only good for the body, but healthy for the mind. Her intention for every class is to infuse love into the room so that others can carry that love into the world. Strength and compassion is what she tries to encompass both on and off the mat.

On-site Personal Training

Personal training at Pike Motorworks is now available!  Meet with one of The Active Workplace trainers for a customized workout to fit your schedule and goals!  Cost is $70/1-hour or $65 with a purchase of 10 sessions.  Click on the button below to let us know a little about yourself.  We will then connect you with our trainers to set up a session that works with your schedule!

Cheryl Rewerts

ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Cheryl is an ACE certified Personal Trainer and a used-to-be research scientist with a Master’s and experience in biological sciences.  Her goal: get you moving!  She believes results start with moving your body—your way.  Cheryl is here to help you get results, and train you with ultimate customization—by recognizing your individuality, moving you in a variety of ways that fits you and keeps you excited, and continuing to challenge you.  She is here to guide you in becoming the master of YOUR fitness!  Cheryl specializes in circuit style training.  She designs her sessions to incorporate dynamic circuits with cardio, strength, core, balance, and heart-rate driving intervals.  She believes in variety for results and motivation!  Each session is created with your goals in mind, your level of fitness, and your lifestyle at the forefront. Work together to create a program for your goals and your functional, every day life!

During her research days, while working on obesity-related studies, Cheryl observed the reality of what an unhealthy lifestyle does to the body. With this, and her love of fitness, she wanted to combine her experiences to help others find a way to improve their bodies inside and out, live a healthy lifestyle, and show that the work is worth it! 

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