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2017 Holiday Hustle

       November 6th - December 31st



The Active Workplace invites you to join in on an eight week fitness challenge to keep you movin’ and groovin’ during the holiday season and get a head start on those new year resolutions!  

How Does the Challenge Work?


Each morning, Monday through Friday, we will send you a link to stream your twelve-minute workout, aimed to work a specific muscle group each day in addition to a weekly nutrition challenge.  Our short, yet intense workouts and minimal equipment make it perfect to stay on track whether you are working out in a gym, at home or traveling. You just need a pair or two of dumbbells and a physio ball (optional).


You will earn points for completing the holiday hustle HIIT workouts and successfully completing the weekly nutrition challenges.  Up to date points will be posted on The Active Workplace Holiday Hustle webpage.


Weekly Point System:

Each workout completed - 1 point

Each day you met the nutritional challenge - 1 point


The whole point here is to encourage consistency... with a great diet and a little sweat each day, your body will thank you!  A little friendly competition and accountability never hurt either!

* All levels are welcome and encouraged to participate as modifications are given throughout the videos if needed. SIMPLE, EFFECTIVE AND FUN!

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