DaVita Labs Fitness

The Active Workplace is excited to have partnered with DaVita Labs to offer its employees an on-site wellness program!

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Class Schedule & Events

*If you are attending a yoga class, please remember to bring your own mat to class!! : )

Meet Your Instructors

Celeste Bull

300 hour yoga certified

Celeste is a Certified Precision Alignment Yoga Instructor who completed her 300 hour training at the Yoga Shed in Deland.  Celeste previously worked in the professional world as a paralegal for 15 years before deciding to dedicate her life to helping others through Yoga.  She believes strongly in the healing power of Yoga for the body, mind and spirit and is passionate about delivering that to as many people as she can.  Celeste enjoys incorporating breathwork and meditation into her classes as key components to a well rounded Yoga practice.

On-site Personal Training

Personal training at DaVita Labs is now available!  Meet with one of The Active Workplace trainers for a customized workout to fit your schedule and goals!  Cost is $65/1-hour.  Email frankelm7@gmail.com to schedule an appointment.

Questions or Suggestions?  We would love to hear from you!